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The Simple Strategy To Reach Your Health Goals

Time. Yep, that's it. So simple, right? But so many people get it wrong, and I'm one of them. See, here's the thing. I have really had to do some work on my ability to have patience with myself. I will have patience for days with other people (I used to be a it was patience every single minute that got me through the day), but personally I am driven to accomplish and move on.

I can remember times of wanting to lose weight and deciding I should definitely start drinking slim fast for breakfast and lunch because they promised you would quickly lose weight. Literally, thinking about that now gives me anxiety. But back then, all I knew is I wanted results and I wanted them now. Plus, I only wanted to have to work hard for a short amount of time!!

Turns out, the best way to keep a habit in the long-term is to start small and take your time. Seriously! For example, one of the first things I work on with my clients is to eat slowly. And that's it. I'm not going to give you a super strict 1,200 calorie diet and say "go for it". Nope. We are starting with the basics, and once that is completed we move on to more advanced habits. The foundation has to be there in order to continue to succeed, right? Not only will starting small and sticking with it help you in the long run, I promise, it's going to make you feel pretty good about yourself! Because in the end, you can do it and you are capable. I mean, anyone can drastically cut calories for a few weeks and lose the weight, but it's not sustainable! Plus, it's not all about losing weight. Let's agree to make healthy habits more of a top priority instead of just losing weight! Let's be kind to ourselves, and remember, the main goal is to nourish in the long-term the amazing bodies we've been given!

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