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Moving On The Go (On Demand Workouts)

One thing I've valued the most during the pandemic is On Demand workouts! I've always been a workout-at-home kinda girl, but a couple of years of coming up with my own workouts has been tough. It's tough in regard to having variety, because lets face it...I get real bored, real quick. I've been all over the place when it comes to working out. I was way into Tone It Up for years, then took up running, and then went back to Tone It Up the minute it started to get cold. After I met my husband, it wasn't long until I was throwing around some weight and pounding out burpees in Crossfit. I was die hard into Crossfit for three years. And then, just like that, I was over it and ready for something that didn't break me every single day!

Cue the On Demand Workouts. I started with a subscription to Les Mills, and loved it. So much variety (from HIIT to Yoga to barbell work) to choose from. And like I said, I'm a variety person. I did end up with a chest injury, totally my fault by the way, and decided I needed to take it down a notch. I quickly turned to pilates three times a week and HIIT two times a week. At first, I was finding free workouts online, but I realized I needed more of a program and something a bit more challenging.

For now, I am signed up with Hustl Station for their pilates (Form) and HIIT (Pace) classes. And I love it! It's still super challenging (never in my working out career has my rear end started shaking independently of my body), but also completely doable in 45 minutes! I get up before my daughter, workout, drink coffee, and read my Bible! It's glorious!! Also, it's easy to maintain! I don't wake up with pain or feel beat down. Instead, I am able to workout five days in a row and feel great!

Bottom Line: Find something that works for you!! There are a million different programs or free online workouts (hello, Youtube)!! Find something to fit in your schedule!! I don't have to go on and on about the benefits of working out, but we all know it boosts our immune system...and that is something we all need!!

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