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Fats: They're Not That Bad

If you've read any of my blog posts you know that I grew up during the low fat diet trend. I have consumed rice cakes that tasted like cardboard because they were low fat. I have eaten 100-calorie weight watcher brownies because they were low fat. (Also, I cringe thinking about what was in those things!!). I also, please excuse me while I hide my face, ate those doritos that had olestra in them to make them low fat...meanwhile, the olestra gave me many trips to the potty. (Also, I use the term "potty" because I have a two year old).

I think on this post I want to start with the here it is: not all fats are created equal. I'm not going to get all "scientificky", I'm just going to shoot it straight. There are amazing benefits when you add good healthy fats to every meal. Yep, I said every meal.

First, let's talk about the benefits! When you incorporate good fats in your meals you're going to stay full longer. Honestly, who doesn't want that. For me, it was a total game changer. Like I said before, I have a two year old. My energy level needs to be high to keep up with her, so I can't really stop to eat tons of snacks throughout the day. Instead, I pretty much stick to three meals a day (all dense and satiating). And that's it. Before adding nourishing fats in my meals, I was starving. all. of. the. time. I would say my carb intake was higher back then, so I was in the "eat then crash" cycle that can be undermining to our nutrition. Another great benefit is your skin, hair, and nails thrive on good fats! If I can ease the aging process a smidge with what I eat, I'm game! While there are a million benefits to list (I'll link a more in depth article for you to read), the last benefit I want to chat about is how good fats can ease inflammation in the body! So many things we eat or do to our bodies cause inflammation, which can cause so many other diseases and symptoms, from joint pain to heart disease to anxiety! It's like a chain reaction in our bodies. Inflammation typically will result in something else! That's crazy to me! I love the idea that what I eat can stop that process in it's tracks!

Now, let's chat about what to add into your diet and ideas on how to up your good fats!!

~cook with olive or avocado oils

~add avocado to your salads, smoothies, or mash them up to dip carrots

~nuts-I'm currently going through a pistachio phase! :)

~add flaxseed meal to your oatmeal, or even bake with it (make sure you look up conversions first)

~eat more tuna and salmon (I'm a huge fan of tuna salad with avocado mayo! yum!)


~chia seeds-add them to your oatmeal or smoothies. You can also find a ton chia pudding recipes online!

Here is a more in depth article on good fats.

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