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Dieting vs. Lifestyle Change

If you've read any of my story, then you would know I've tried all of the diets. Zone, paleo, Weight Watchers, Tone It Up, baby food (this was the most gross), South Beach, and others I can't remember. I've restricted myself to a place that not only damaged my metabolism, but also left me in a less than desirable mental space. My relationship with food became my focus, but not in a good way. Instead of thinking of the foods that would nourish my body and help me perform at my best, I was thinking of what I could cut out in order to "lose five pounds". Ugh!I hate to even think about that time of my life.

Now I am in a new place! A place of lifestyle change! A place that I can focus on how to best fuel my body...and that means eating a variety of things (including fats and carbs!! :)!! Here's the difference: dieting is short term and usually not sustainable (I mean who could eat baby food for breakfast and lunch? ew). Lifestyle changes are small changes that last forever and make a huge impact. And that is where my coaching is focused. Each week, we work on new small habits that will not only change the way you view and interact with food, but also give you the confidence to keep going. It can be so easy to start a "diet", realize you can't eat anything, and then give up. Not to mention, the weird crazy food they have you who really wants to eat ricotta cheese with chocolate chips and pretend like it's cheese cake? Oh brother.

Instead let's focus on the good stuff! The food that is energizing, healthy, and also tastes good! Also, I won't tell you exactly what to eat each day. If you want that, there are a million meal plans out there. Instead, I want to teach you how to choose the best foods for you. That way, when I'm no longer in the picture you are just as successful and rocking that healthy lifestyle!! Let me help you discover what you're really capable of!!

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