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Carbs: They're Ok Too

I feel bad for carbs sometimes. Honestly, think about how many diets cut them out completely! Carbs carry so many benefits, I can't imagine cutting them out of my meals. While carbs are definitely not created equal, it's important to include them into your everyday nutrition.

Let's talk about the different types of carbohydrates. There are two types: 1. Simple carbs-which are easily broken down and quickly convert to glucose (blood sugar) in our bodies and 2. Complex carbs-which are harder to break down. Simple carbs come from things like candy, honey, soda, table sugar, etc. Complex carbs are things like whole grains, green veggies, fruit, beans, seeds, and nuts. As you can see, not all carbs are created equal. So you do need to be choosy when implementing them into your meal plan. You'll want to choose complex carbs (preferably green) that will provide all of the amazing nutrients your body needs to burn your everyday fuel.

Not only will choosing complex carbs help you get the nutrients you need, it will also stabilize your blood sugar. Which we want to keep level as much as possible, to stop the constant desire to eat uncontrollably.

Our main goal is to be at peace with food, eat food for the nutrition it provides for our amazing bodies, and to not be controlled by food. As a former calorie/macro counter, eliminator of certain food groups, meal skipper, moralizer of foods (good and bad), I can tell you that freedom from food has lifted a huge burden from my thoughts. I can now spend time thinking on more important things, instead of being hyper-focused/obsessed with eating only a certain amount. My focus is on nutrition, not restriction.

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