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"Biohacking" is a common buzz word floating around the inter webs these days. And I'm here for it! Basically, biohacking is anything you do to better your health. It can be small things, like eating your meal slower, or more splurge worthy things like infrared saunas.

I've tried a few things lately that have literally been game changers!! First, water, water, water! Yep, it's like the oldest tip in the book, but water is the key to healthy insides and outsides!

I've also started dry brushing before my shower. Not sure if I see any benefits yet, but the idea of getting the lymph in my body moving sounds plain ol' healthy in itself! Not only does it move the lymph, but it's a great physical exfoliant! Bring on the smooth skin!

Gua Sha...ok, so my Gua Sha stone is broken, and very sad.

BUT, it still gets the job done! Although, my dream Gua Sha is the Empress stone from @wildling_beauty. Anyway, it’s the same concept as dry brushing in that moving the stone across your skin helps decrease puffiness, promotes blood circulation, and relieves muscle tension!

Essential oils...yes I love them, and don’t call me Karen!! 🤣So far I’ve made my own facial oil and cleanser, sore muscle relief roller, room spray, and detergent. I also use frankincense at night to help me fall asleep! Legit, it takes me no time to start snoozing after I take a few deep breaths of this grounding sent!

And lastly, I’ve started ending my shower with cold water for 2-3 minutes!!! 🥶 This has legit been a game changer! SO many awesome benefits, which could be its own post...however for me it has helped so much with energy! I used to be a nap during the day kind of person, but I don’t need to anymore!

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