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Growing up, I can always remember feeling inadequate in my body. Always wishing I was thinner and less muscular. I wasn't particularly athletic, but I did enjoy moving my body. I started working out regularly in college, with the goal of "being thin". I still ate whatever I wanted, but just worked out to compensate. I soon became interested in fitness and health magazines, binge reading articles on nutrition. I would rattle off random facts to whomever would listen (my poor family)!! 

Speaking of my know when you go to the doctor for the first time and they want to know what your family history includes? Well, I always have to tell the doctor to sit down and get ready to take notes. The list is long, but includes lots of things like heart disease and diabetes. While I liked being a certain size, I also started to work out and eat healthy in order to avoid those diseases. It became an obsession that continued for many years. 

After having my daughter, I knew that I wanted a fresh start. I didn't want to navigate my postpartum weight loss by myself, and mentally I definitely wasn't in a place that I could do it in a healthy way. I hired a nutrition coach and with her accountability, knowledge of nutrition, and how to manage stress (um, newborns are a whole other level), I was able to overcome so much. I worked with her for close to a year, and came so far. My scale doesn't define me, and I don't punish myself with exercise. I definitely eat to be the most nourished healthy version of myself, and exercise to keep my heart healthy...and to keep up with a very rambunctious toddler! It takes work and planning, but my mindset is where it should  be.

 I decided I wanted to help others in the same boat, so I signed up with Precision Nutrition, became level 1 certified...and here we are. I want to help you in your journey towards contentment with food and moving your body!  


Amy’s journey developing a passion for nutrition began as she approached the BIG 40. She noticed that she felt frequently tired, stiff, and overall unwell. These symptoms increased, as family stressors set in. Amy realized that she needed help. Not wanting to turn to conventional medicine, she knew her nutrition and lifestyle required an overhaul. Amy sought a nutrition coach, who helped her commit to making sustainable changes that incorporated low impact exercise and simple food swaps that packed a nutritional power punch! Even in the first month, Amy began to gain energy, confidence, and improved muscle mass/body composition. Three years later, Amy continues to utilize food as medicine. This grew her passion for nutrition so much, that she went back to school to become a Certified Nutrition Counselor. Amy’s goal is to assist other women in making lifestyle changes that allow them to live their best mental, emotional, and physical  life. 

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